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In Japanese, "Yaku" means to bake. O-Yaku studio is a small bakery boutique for ceramic products. Ceramics and baking are similar in many ways. Both have recipes, methods working with your hands, using heat, glazing and decorating. Both professions require a high level of accuracy and precision in order to maintain production consistency and results.

O-Yaku studio foundations were laid out a long time ago. Since childhood, I have had a passion for objects in scale. Whether it's a model of a plastic airplane or a wooden ship, or later on in life- a bonsai tree. I am fascinated by small objects with lots and lots of details. Through practicing the art of bonsai, I learned every detail of the art form which led me to create my own bonsai pots with ceramics. I design, make and manufacture my own bonsai pots using traditional Japanese techniques, and glazes.

The design concept for O-Yaku studio's products follows my understanding of combining bonsai pot archetypes in everyday objects. The result is an object that looks new and unique however has recognizable elements of traditional Japanese art.

I hope O-Yaku studio will grow in time like myself and my trees to meet new objects of design.  

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